How It All Started

Our journey started about three decades ago as a gemstone manufacturing house dealing in high-quality loose gemstones. Mr. Yash Khinduka founded HYT in 2015 intending to create a jewelry brand that offers the most distinctive & contemporary jewelry while retaining the essence and expert craftsmanship developed in-house over the years. His passion & vision evolved a gemstone manufacturing business into an esteemed jewelry brand. HYT is now an international premium brand based out of Hong Kong with branches in New York, Tokyo, and Bangkok that specializes in Fancy color Diamonds & Colombian Emeralds. With our in-house jewelry design & production, we are devoted to putting our customers at the center of the making process. At the same time, we also offer ready to buy pieces to meet the immediate needs of our clients.

Our Team

Our passion is contagious, and our team is creative, inspired and driven! Our artisans spend countless hours designing breathtaking timepieces. This team of world-leading designers and craftsmen specializes in designing, goldsmithing, gem setting and hand sculpting uses the highest level of perfection to elevate the beauty of every HYT masterpiece into a timeless work of art. We have extensive expertise working with different demographics, customs & occasions to create your dreamed masterpiece. Our passion is to turn your dreams into reality!